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Welcome to the website of Saruwatari & Takamichi lab. (System #1 lab.), Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo!!

In Saruwatari-Takamichi Laboratory, we mainly address an innovation in new signal processing and information processing systems, focusing our attention on understanding, processing, and control of sound media (speech, music, etc.). For example, theories on new statistical modeling and machine-learning-based algorithms are of interest for us to solve the optimization problems under acoustical generative models and physical constraint. Through the innovation, we realize expansion of human hearing systems, new man-machine interface systems as well as new contribution to music art creation.

[New!] A lab overview slide (ver. May 2021, written in Japanese) is here.

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2023-06-25 "齋藤佑樹助教が 音学シンポジウム優秀発表賞 を受賞しました."
2023-06-25 "齋藤佑樹助教が Travel Grant Award for INTERSPEECH2023 を受賞しました."
2023-06-07 "関健太郎さん (M2) が 日本音響学会 学生優秀発表賞 を受賞しました."
2023-03-31 "堀内亮佑さん (2021 年度卒業生) が 2022 年度 C&C 若手優秀論文賞 を受賞しました."
2023-03-22 "有川和志さん (M2) が 計測自動制御学会(SICE)優秀学生賞 を受賞しました."
2023-03-20 "猿渡洋教授が 東京大学工学部Best Teaching Award を受賞しました."