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Welcome to the website of Saruwatari & Koayama lab. (System #1 lab.), Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo!!

In Saruwatari-Koyama Laboratory, we mainly address an innovation in new signal processing and information processing systems, focusing our attention on understanding, processing, and control of sound media (speech, music, etc.). For example, theories on new statistical modeling and machine-learning-based algorithms are of interest for us to solve the optimization problems under acoustical generative models and physical constraint. Through the innovation, we realize expansion of human hearing systems, new man-machine interface systems as well as new contribution to music art creation.

[New!] A lab overview slide (ver. May 2021, written in Japanese) is here.

Recent News [View All]

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2022-08-30 "佐伯高明さん(D2)が主著の論文がThe VoiceMOS Challenge 2022(合成音声の主観的品質を自動予測するチャレンジ)において16項目中10項目で1位を獲得しました."
2022-08-30 "辛德泰さん(D1)がThe ICML ExVo Workshop & Competition 2022 の FewShot 部門(非言語音声の感情の予測性能を競うコンペティション部門)において1位を獲得しました."
2022-08-01 "高道慎之介助教が第1回日本音響学会音声合成研究奨励賞吉田賞を受賞しました."
2022-08-01 "佐伯高明さん(D2)が2022年度情報処理学会山下記念研究賞を受賞しました."
2022-07-08 "西邑勇人さん(2021年度インターン生)が INTERSPEECH 2022 において Google Travel Grants for Students in East Asia を受賞しました."
2022-06-28 "中島風太さん(M2)が主著の論文が音学シンポジウム学生優秀発表賞を受賞しました."