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Welcome to the website of Saruwatari & Koayama lab. (System #1 lab.), Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo!!

In Saruwatari-Koyama Laboratory, we mainly address an innovation in new signal processing and information processing systems, focusing our attention on understanding, processing, and control of sound media (speech, music, etc.). For example, theories on new statistical modeling and machine-learning-based algorithms are of interest for us to solve the optimization problems under acoustical generative models and physical constraint. Through the innovation, we realize expansion of human hearing systems, new man-machine interface systems as well as new contribution to music art creation.

A lab overview slide (ver. May 2020, written in Japanese) is here.

Recent News [View All]

Date Content
2021-03-18 "齋藤 佑樹(D3)さんが情報理工学系研究科・研究科長賞(システム情報学専攻・博士課程)を 受賞いたしました."
2021-03-10 "佐伯 高明さん(M2)が音声研究会 学生ポスター賞を受賞しました."
2021-01-31 "齋藤 佑樹さん(D3)が第49回粟屋 潔学術奨励賞を受賞しました."
2021-01-31 "植野夏樹さん(D3)が第14回IEEE SPS Japan Student Journal Paper Awardを受賞しました."
2021-01-31 "齋藤 佑樹さん(D3)と高道慎之介助教がThe 2020 IEEE SPS Young Author Best Paper Awardを受賞しました."
2021-01-31 "加茂佳吾さん(M2)が第4回IEEE SPS Tokyo Joint Chapter Student Awardを受賞しました."